Epoxy Flooring
Centennial Hills NV

The place to come when you are looking for durable, long-lasting and one of a kind epoxy flooring for your residential or commercial Centennial Hills NV property

Epoxy Floors
Centennial Hills NV

Is your Centennial Hills NV concrete flooring crumbling underneath your vehicle, feet, or heavy machines
Epoxy flooring is a great choice for any Centennial Hills NV commercial and residential properties that need durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean and maintain flooring.
The combination of hardener with resin, forms a rigid plastic material that is resistant, durable, and able to bond exceptionally to its substrate. This is what makes epoxy coatings great for protecting from damage to your concrete floors.
Durable enough to withstand heavy commercial foot traffic, epoxy flooring will brighten up any shop, restaurant, casino or home, while providing a safe environment for your staff, clients or family.

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Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Whether you want to do your Centennial Hills NV commercial floor or residential floor, Epoxy Vegas epoxy flooring, can bring a ton of benefits unmatched by other flooring options on the market.

Long Lasting


When done properly epoxy flooring can last 10+ years. At Epoxy Vegas we spend a lot of time making sure your concrete slab is properly prepared, before moving onto applying your epoxy floor.

Easy to clean


Epoxy cures to a non-porous surface, meaning everything that has been spilled on it, stays on top of it without without soaking into your floor. No more looking at ugly oil stains on your floor and no more scrubbing to remove stains.

Durable and Hard Wearing


We use high-performance commercial grade epoxy coatings, that are designed to protect your concrete floors from damage such as scratching or chipping and withstand heavy traffic over the years.

Increase Light Reflectivity


Epoxy floor coatings provide a reflective surface that improves visibility inside rooms, making your merchandise stand out inside your shop, showroom or garage.

Unique Look


Metallic epoxy is great for imitating wood, marble, granite, stone, or wood texture. The abundance of different colored pigments means that we can create any look imaginable.

Epoxy Flake Flooring
Centennial Hills NV

If you need ultra durable, UV stable, moisture resistant and yet highly decorative flooring for your Centennial Hills NV commercial or residential property, look no further than our epoxy flake flooring.
Our epoxy flake floor system compromises of high-grade commercial epoxy, mixed with decorative flakes and sealed with a build coat and topcoat.
Epoxy flake combined with our installation expertise is the strongest flooring system on the market and is guaranteed to protect your Centennial Hills NV concrete floors for years to come.
It is ideal for any commercial or residential setting, that experience high volumes of foot traffic or light vehicle traffic, experience moisture issues or is exposed to UV lights.
The terrazzo-like finish of epoxy flake, can complement any interior design or brand identity, while provides safe flooring to walk and work on.
Epoxy flake compared to vinyl flooring, does not require any waxing or stripping, making it more cost-effective in the long run.
Epoxy flake flooring is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in areas such as driveways, patios, pool decks, garages, locker and changing rooms, schools, recreational facilities, airplane hangar floors, shop floors, and many more.

We are
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We believe flooring can make or break your interior design. This is why we have the biggest collection of flake blends available on the market. We strive to make custom epoxy floors that represent you, your home or your business.
And don't worry if you are finding the epoxy flake blend that is right for you, we can also make a custom blend.

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